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Hi, I'm Jazz

I currently serve my home as one of District 24's delegates. As a former labor organizer and senior policy advisor, I know how to build movements that can affect real, lasting change on behalf of Maryland. I am thrilled that during my time in Annapolis we have accomplished so much. But there is still so much work to be done. 

We have seen too many guns and too few jobs. We've struggled with healthcare cost and access, as well as an unfair and often predatory criminal justice system. From a worsening climate crisis to a lack of affordable housing, our community deserves more.


As I did in 2018, I am running a people-powered campaign to ensure our movement meets the moment and improves the quality of life for every Marylander. Join our campaign to better serve our home, and our state.


Our Priorities 

Healthcare 1.png

Expanding access to healthcare for all Marylanders


Removing injustices from our criminal justice system


Protecting Maryland's environment and treasuring our Chesapeake


Ensuring every child has a quality education 

An equitable economy for Maryland working families

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