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It is my privilege to be your voice and advocate in Annapolis. During my time as your delegate, I have worked on many of Maryland's most important issues, and I have been proud of the legislation we have gotten done in that time. 

About Anchor 1


I am a lifelong resident of Prince George’s County. This is where my parents chose to raise me and it is where my wife and I are raising our son. My community is vibrant and engaging. It is made up of labor organizers and public servants, artistic trailblazers and innovative business leaders. My community invested in me, and I have dedicated my life to giving back to it.


I began my career as a community and labor organizer in Baltimore. Through organizing, I learned the power of collective action and the importance of cultivating personal relationships within a movement, a skill I use in my work every day. My conversations with working families across the state have taught me that quality jobs, which pay living wages, can change communities. 


I took my organizing skills to elections, where I have worked to elect candidates up and down the ballot who fought for our community. In every campaign, win or lose, we have created a movement that brought together people of all backgrounds and made our community stronger. I served with campaigns and candidates to promote a better, more inclusive Maryland that put our neighbors first, both in Annapolis and in DC.


As your advocate in Annapolis, I have worked tirelessly to focus on the issues important to everyday Marylanders who have been left behind. I have sponsored and supported legislation to expand access to healthcare by subsidizing care in high-need neighborhoods, passed tax credits to incentivize grocery stores in food deserts, tackle the systemic inequities in our prison system, and support new opportunities for young people looking toward a brighter future. 

But there is still so much work left to be done. We need leadership in Maryland that is prepared to serve our community and to solve the issues that we deal with every day. Join our campaign as we look to win this election and continue the work that will make our home a better place to live.

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